Stepmark- a realistic fitness revolution

  PROJECT DESIGN   ABOUT THIS PROJECT What is Stepmark? Stepmark is an interactive gamified fitness application focused on health, wellness, travel and community groups and projects across Australia that rewards participants with high value points and virtual money. How does Stepmark work? Stepmark works in conjunction with an existing apple application titled Keep:… Continue reading Stepmark- a realistic fitness revolution

Rewarding Systems – The Art of Gamification

Have you ever sat down, opened your purses and started counting how many loyalty cards you had? You will be surprised about the number of cards you own as well as the number of products you have purchased from the specific store to be able to gain the free items after collecting enough points. Take… Continue reading Rewarding Systems – The Art of Gamification

Targeted Ads: A Surveilance Story Co-created blog and video by Ben Bryan, Daniel Leung, Haley Tran, Sarah Patterson As a group of four we have worked to create a video about online targeted advertising. We are all frequent users of digital media and participators in social media. As such, this is something we have all experienced on a frequent… Continue reading Targeted Ads: A Surveilance Story